The Contract Post

This post is about detailed M/s contracts that outline relationship expectations, using my own as an example and focusing on what goes into it.

So, let’s get started.

My M/s contract opens with a brief section on the contract itself with a few other miscellaneous details tucked in.

It states that “this contract” supersedes all other versions of this contract once it is signed. The contract will stand for a six month term, at the end of which it can be renewed as is or with edits.

This does a few things. It takes the power out of the old contracts and makes it clear which one we’re going by. Having a specific term length for it helps remind us to re-visit it and see if we need those edits (six months currently works for us, but this definitely varies for different people).

This section also states what the contract is for. In our case, “a 24/7 live-in Mistress/slave dynamic.” This makes the scope clear and features our main roles. It goes on to say that I am collared, as that’s kind of a distinct status in itself.

For us, this section includes a brief statement that’s basically “we’re monogamous,” and what that means to us (I think we go by a pretty standard model). I will say that if a relationship’s exclusivity arrangement is much more complex than that, it might warrant a section of its own elsewhere. For us, it would be overkill.

The next section is “Schedule”. It covers a few things, most importantly: Meta Sunday, big events, and what days I go out.

So, some brief elaborations.

Meta Sunday is what we call our weekly check-in that’s mostly for planning. We go through a list of questions, such as “what was great this week” and “what are we looking forward to next week”. Then we review our shared Google Calendar, and anything else of importance.

By “big events” I mean there’s a bit about making effort to celebrate birthdays and major holidays together, and who handles anniversary plans on which year (we split it up by odd/even-numbered years).

We also have a bit about me going out twice a week without Mistress, to give her some introvert time and me some extrovert time.

Next big section: service.

This section opens with a line that basically boils down to “slave does as Mistress says”. It’s brief, but important, because it allows for flexibility.

It then goes on to define general expectations, bullet point lists of “morning tasks”, “evening tasks”, “daily tasks”, and “non-daily tasks”.

Examples include dressing in my uniform and stretching (morning), writing my slave journal entry and cleaning the kitchen (evening), various cooking and cleaning tasks (daily), and yard cleanup and cleaning certain bathroom areas (non-daily).

Then we go to the “Rules and Protocols” section. There’s a “does not apply in vanilla company” sub-section. Examples of some rules/protocols include asking permission to touch myself sexually/orgasm, kneeling on the floor next to Mistress in a specific way when I’m in her presence and not standing (and asking permission before shifting about/more rarely, sitting on furniture), asking permission before leaving her presence, and bedtime leashing protocols.

Then there’s a uniform section, which outlines my daily uniform. I’ve spoken about that before here.

We have a financial section that outlines who pays for what, and how much, along with any other related obligations.

Finally, we have a facing issues/dissolution section. The “facing issues” part covers that if Mistress thinks I should be punished, she will do it in a method of her choosing. (This doesn’t come up often but we made a point of writing it in anyway.) It also covers the written format we can use to raise major issues (we have never had to use it).

After that, it talks about dissolution. This may seem a bit dark, to talk about breaking up before you even sign the contract, but if nothing else, it might give you some general insight into the other person’s mind. You might want to consider things such as the circumstances that have to happen before dissolution, if any, the circumstances it can be finally brought up under (such as requirements for privacy or being in-person), and how to discuss what happens next (like remaining friends, moving out).

Our dissolution agreement has changed since the last time we updated the contract to “no way out” slavery and that will be reflected in the next draft.

Other than that, it’s a formatting and signatures game.

One note: the vast majority of M/s contracts are not legally binding. There may be some relevant legal paperwork you can do under vanilla terms, but odds are slavery is not legal where you are. That means these contracts are usually more honor-bound than anything else, but hopefully you’re entering this contract with someone honorable.

Another note: to keep things simple, we aimed to keep any anticipated life changes in mind while writing, and keep certain things, like tasks, as vague as still very reasonable in case a detail changed. We considered it important to point out when and what kind of exceptions could be made throughout the contract.

And so you have it, the (“obligatory” for someone who writes on M/s) contract post.

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