Slave Positions: Some Quick Thoughts

The slave positions we use most evolved a lot more organically than some might expect.  Some were a part of other rituals, the same position coming naturally again and again and eventually codified that way.  Some sprang out of a repeated practical need.  Some simply got more and more specific as preferences were discovered over time.  Changes due to what was practical or what Mistress found most desirable.

It helps me know without needing instruction every time how I should be positioned for certain situations, rituals, and so on.

Our most used iterations are about as follows:

  • Leashing: assumed for AM/PM leashing to the bed/unleashing.  Sitting up cross legged on the bed, leash across both palms (on knees), hair/head out of the way, collar o-ring in front.
  • General Kneeling: assumed when in Mistress’ presence to “sit”.  Kneeling on the floor next to her, knees spread, hands behind back.
  • (Post-Shower) Inspection: assumed for shaving check after showers (asking permission to shower right before and asking for inspection right after).  Nude, standing in front of Mistress, legs spread, hands boxed behind back.
  • Presenting (Maintenance Wand): assumed when told (before our weekly maintenance discipline session).  Nude, kneeling on the bedroom floor by the foot of the bed facing the door, knees spread, maintenance wand (taken from the mantel) across both palms (on knees).

The leashing position is mostly a practicality of a twice daily ritual.  Sitting up, leash accessible, collar o-ring accessible, hair/head out of the way—were all things that had to happen anyway.

The general kneeling position simply got a little more specific with time, starting at “kneel next to me when you’re with me”.  Mistress’ preference for “hands behind back” and “knees apart” were discovered independently of each other.

The (post-shower) inspection position was another one that was part of a frequent ritual and that was mostly pieces that had to happen in some manner anyway.

The presenting (maintenance wand) position was the answer to the question of what I should be doing when I’m told to go wait for her to come in and do our maintenance discipline session.

For us, at least three of our four “most used iterations” are mostly practical instruction sets.  They eliminate friction points in the rituals they’re associated with, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing for Mistress.

They are not used in vanilla company (this is only really a “thing” with the general kneeling position), but we are not frequently in such company.

It adds a bit of deliberateness, too, to pay attention to the position your body is in—it makes you more attentive in general, and some of the pieces above (knees/legs spread, arms behind back) are based on the idea of vulnerability.  It’s an action of politesse and respect.  

Those mental effects are the reason the positions (and the rituals they are associated with) are some of my favorite bits of protocol.

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