The Importance of Inspections

For a long time now, we’ve had two daily inspection points in our schedule.  One in the morning, just after I serve brunch at 9:30 AM, where Mistress checks on my morning tasks, and one in the evening, after I serve dinner at 6 PM, more towards bedtime, 9:30 PM, for evening tasks (both sets are mostly coffee prepping, housekeeping, laying out her clothes, so on).  These usually happen without me.  There’s also the inspection that occurs after any time I (get permission to) shower, where she checks on my job of fulfilling the requirement of shaving any body hair (her preference), which clearly involves me, in Inspection Position (though it’s been years since the tweezers actually came out).   

We made a change recently to the first two.  Because they were done without me and there had never been an issue, I never heard the results of them.  I wondered sometimes whether they were actually getting enforced or perhaps being neglected, and on other days, when the time rolled around, I’d worry that I was about to be punished for some problem, with no clear signal of when I could stop.

Eventually, recently, this came up and I finally mentioned these minor worries to Mistress.  She assured me that the inspections were, in fact, getting done, and being passed, but understood why I wanted to hear the results day to day.  So she added a note to her schedule to let me know.

Now, usually my pager buzzes with a summons to her office, or she finds me when she’s done.  “Kneel,” she’ll say, and I’ll get in the position, and she’ll tell me that I did everything I was supposed to, usually also kindly pointing out one or two things that I did especially well, and patting me on the head.  That’s it.  An extra minute or two in the day, but a big change, in a way.  It’s definitely headspace reinforcing.  After the morning instance, I go about my day and other service tasks.  After the evening instance, it’s usually nearing time to undress and be leashed for the night, settle down onto my blanket on the floor at the foot of the bed. 

And I get to close the mental tab where the last task list was still open, turning my attention to whatever’s next without worry, without checking that tab again, with my full focus.  I’m grateful to her for that closure, for making sure I’m doing my job for her, and for the opportunity for feedback.  I sometimes ask—while everything has been done at least acceptably so farwhat I might do better, and if she has an idea for me, I get a detail to improve and follow up on and make sure it’s exactly the way she wants it.

It’s a ritual that’s going well, and I, for one, would recommend it highly, especially for the service based dynamics that want a quality control touch (as long as you feel you can gratefully accept any inspection result).

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