Our Guest Manual

Thought I’d share this for inspiration this holiday weekend. I put this in a binder in the living room for guests’ reference.

Where Am I? Who Are You? And What’s Going On?

  • You are at [Address]. Hi there!
  • We are Kate and Hannah, but if you’re here, hopefully you know that. Contact info:
    • Kate: [phone, email]
    • Hannah: [phone, email]
    • You can scan the QR codes on the first page to add our contact cards to your phone. 
    • If you need something, hit the button on the sill between the living room and dining room; it’ll buzz our pagers. 
  • What’s going on? It’s a The Good Place reference. Did you catch the other one?

I Have Electronic Needs

  • The lamps in the living room and guest room have USB outlets on the base.  On one of the end tables in the living room, there’s a charging cord that works with multiple device types and a charged portable power bank you can borrow.  Please feel free to use any available outlet.   
  • WiFi
    • Network: [Name]
    • Password: [Password]
    • There’s also a QR code for this up front. 

I’m Hungry/Thirsty/How Do Kitchens Work? (Importantly, How Does Coffee Work?)

  • In general, feel free to help yourself to whatever food/drink is in the kitchen.  Hannah usually serves meals at 9:30 AM and 6 PM, but this may be adjusted during your stay. There’s homemade chocolate chip cookie dough and baking instructions in the freezer for a quick sugar boost. (Cookie sheets and baking mats are in the bottom cabinets next to the big cabinet in the kitchen.)  
  • Water: filtered water is available through the machine next to the coffee station (hot and cold; for cold, hold down the right tab; for hot, hold the red button, then hold down the left tab) and the fridge door (also ice: see the buttons).  There’s also cold bottled water in your room and in the fridge. 
  • Soda: soda is available on the soda station and in the fridge.  There’s chilled glasses and ice in the freezer.  Please feel free to help yourself. 
  • Coffee, tea, cocoa: please feel free to help yourself to anything on the coffee/tea/cocoa station; it should have what you need.  Milk and whipped cream are in the fridge; there are chocolate spoons in the freezer! To make coffee:
    • Coffee may already be prepped.  If there’s water and dry coffee grounds in the machine, just make sure the carafe is rinsed out and push it under the machine (make sure the white button near the bottom is pushed in.  It will automatically turn on; beware.) 
    • Otherwise, fill the water reservoir on the coffee maker to the top measurement line with cold, filtered water. Put its lid back on.  Push the empty glass jar in the coffee grinder to the button behind it twice to grind coffee. Place paper coffee filter (should be available on the coffee station) in the brew basket, and place the coffee grounds into that. Put brew basket back into place. Put its lid back on. Place empty, rinsed out carafe into place, making sure the white button at the base of the coffee maker is pressed in by it.  
  • In general, if you need kitchen help, ask Hannah. 

Pet Service?

  • We totally provide two cats as… a service to our guests. The black cat with fangs is Sabby (Black Sabbath if you’re feeling formal). You might not see much of her, but she’s friendly eventually. The small tortoiseshell with the weird tail currently in your lap is Pixel. Pixel has (maybe) just met you, and she loves you.  She also occasionally walks through some walls, if you get that reference. 
  • Sometimes guests bring their own cats. If you’re pretty sure there’s a third cat running around, maybe there is. 
  • If a lady who looks a lot like Future Hannah has pulled up with a dog, that’s Frankie (and Hannah’s Mom). They’re probably just picking up Hannah and off to the dog park. Say hi!
  • In general, the cats live indoors. If you go outside, they might go with you—but make sure they come back inside with you, too, and watch the door if you leave it open (garage, too). 

Smoking and Vaping and Bears (Oh My!)

  • We generally have a no-bear policy. Maybe a small one. Or a koala bear. But koalas are marsupials.
  • Vaping is fine wherever.
  • Tobacco products should be smoked outside.
  • Marijuana products can be smoked wherever.  If it’s especially strong, maybe outside. 
  • You can find a lighter and cigar cutter in the drawer next to the tall cabinet in the kitchen.

I’m Cold! I’m Hot! I’m Having Some Kind Of Temperature Issue!

  • If you are cold, you might not be not alone. Find a cuddle buddy, like a cat, blanket (extras available in the laundry room cabinets), jacket, or human. Or, try your luck at convincing Kate to make it warmer.  There are also hand warmers in the guest bathroom. 
  • If you are hot, welcome to Vegas. You will probably have good luck convincing Kate to make it colder.

No Really, It’s Hot And I Can See The Pool

  • We do have a pool. Ask Kate if it’s ready for use! It is currently not heated.

I Forgot My…  

  • We gotchu.  Check under the sink in the guest bathroom for a variety of toiletries and first aid supplies.  Extra towels are in the laundry room cabinets. Anything else?  Feel free to ask. 
  • Bored?  Find Vegas themed books, assorted magazines, and works of Hannah’s in your room.  Just ask if you want to borrow anything when you leave!  Games can be found in the front room.  In this manual, there’s stationery to write home and other paper activities.  Also, there are coupons for guests that can be used at local places. Check the coupon itself for any restrictions.  We’ve included a list of our favorite local spots. 

I Have Other Questions

  • Please feel free to ask us any other questions!

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