Our Contract

This contract supersedes all other versions of this contract as of the date it is published. It will stand until a new Ownership Contract has been published in its place.

This contract is an agreement to a 24/7 live in Mistress/slave dynamic. Kate and Hannah are married; Hannah is Kate’s owned and collared slave.

This contract is an exclusive agreement. Both agree to be monogamous. This means no power exchange, romance, kinky play, cohabitating, or sexual activity with other people, unless discussed.


This schedule is only to be broken with good reason.


Every Sunday during and/or after dinner, Kate and Hannah will spend undistracted time alone together for at least an hour, doing a fun, non-sexual activity.

Every Wednesday at 3 PM, Kate and Hannah will play ping pong.

Every Friday at 10:30 AM, Hannah will give Kate a pedicure.

Every Friday at noon/after pedicure, Maintenance will occur. Maintenance discipline sessions are defined as private and non-sexual. Hannah will fetch the discipline wand and wait in the bedroom with it in Presenting Object position, nude. Kate will give Hannah a spanking with the discipline wand (given over Kate’s knee). Hannah will count some strokes at beginning and end in the format, “One, thank you, Mistress, please may I have another?”

Every Saturday at noon, there will be a private check in at a time without distractions (Meta-Saturday). This will be a time to reflect on the week and review planning of the week ahead and beyond. Hannah will bring Kate her daily journal and scheduled reviews, with notes on writing she did that week and appointments for the next week.

Every Saturday for dinner, John, Anthony, Pan, and Sherry have standing invitations to come over.


Effort must be made to be together on birthdays and major holidays. For our anniversary Kate will organize it on even-numbered years and Hannah will on odd-numbered years.

Service & Routine


Each day Hannah will complete any tasks that Kates gives, to the best of her ability, before they are due.

Each day, at Hannah’s convenience, the following tasks should be completed:

  • Fetch and distribute the mail as needed.
  • Generally keep the house and car tidy.
  • File any papers.
  • Collect, wash, dry, and put away the laundry, following Kate’s guidelines; wash everything on a reasonable schedule; maintain any needed mending.
  • Keep surfaces clean/handle dusting.
  • Take care of any plants.
  • Keep floors clean.
  • Maintain the pool and yard.
  • Maintain the calendar.
  • Handle the trash as needed.
  • Alert Kate to any home maintenance issues or handle minor ones.
  • Ensure the cat’s litterbox, food and water is handled; alert Kate to any possible vet issues.
  • Restock items in the household as needed on a reasonable schedule.


  • Wake up by 7:20 AM.
  • Complete her morning exercise routine (walk; one mile).
  • Make the bed, fold her blanket, and lay out Kate’s clothes/pajamas.
  • Dress in her uniform/wash up/take meds as needed.
  • Tidy and adjust blinds, lights, windows, scents, and background noise.
  • Prepare another pot of coffee.
  • Serve brunch at 9:30 AM, table set to Kate’s preferences.
  • The kitchen must be cleaned immediately after brunch is complete.


  • Serve dinner at 6 PM, table set to Kate’s preferences; clean up dinner.
  • The kitchen must be cleaned immediately after dinner is complete.
  • Write her slave journal entry.
  • Prepare the next pot of coffee for the morning.
  • Shut all window coverings, shut all lights, shut all windows, and lock exterior doors/shut down house.
  • Be ready to be leashed by 9:30 PM. Take meds as needed.
  • Turn down the bed; unfold her blanket.
  • Be ready for the morning.
  • Offer Kate lotion when Kate comes to leash her.


  • Plan and do grocery shopping; clear old food.
  • Clean toilets, mirrors, showers, and appliances as needed.
  • Handle moving trash bins to curb according to trash schedule.


  • Ensure the air filters get changed.
  • Find a cat groomer (either close by, or a traveling one) to groom Sabby and Pixel once a month and handle getting that done.
  • Handle budget items on specified days.
  • Check on the water softener supply.
  • Handle any regular medical appointments.


  • Wash accessible windows.
  • Change HEPA pre-filters.
  • Rotate the mattress.
  • Change toothbrushes.
  • Ensure the sliding door gets maintained.
  • Check on needed furniture maintenance.
  • Handle any regular medical appointments.


  • Change HEPA filters.
  • Get the vacuum serviced.
  • Have non-accessible windows cleaned.


  • Have a home inspection once every five years.
  • Lace and unlace Kate’s boots when she wears them, and keep them maintained.


Hannah is required to have Kate’s permission to do any of the following:

  1. Touch herself sexually, or orgasm.
  2. Showering, when Kate is home.
  3. Changing the thermostat, when Kate is home.
  4. Inviting people over, when Kate is home or expected to be home.
  5. Uploading photos, deleting photos, or setting a profile photo on Fetlife.
  6. Creating an account on any standard social media platform.
  7. Leaving the house to travel farther than the Park.


  1. Hannah may not unfriend anyone on Fetlife—she may, however, unfollow.
  2. Hannah may not be answerable to someone who is not Kate (ex: have a job).
  3. Hannah will archive, not delete, emails unless they are explicitly spam.
  4. Hannah may not use tobacco, nicotine, marijuana, vaping, alcohol, or smoking products.
  5. Hannah will remain on the Depo-Provera shot method of birth control consistently.
  6. Hannah will not use baby powder.
  7. Hannah will not own any pets.
  8. Hannah will not lock interior doors (she may lock the bathroom when company is present).
  9. Orders that Hannah receives from other people are to be redirected to Kate for approval.
  10. Hannah will speak respectfully and honestly to Kate at all times.
  11. Hannah will answer any message, call, or summons from Kate requiring response as soon as she can.
  12. Hannah will notify Kate when she is leaving the house.
  13. Hannah will notify Kate when she is returning if she has been gone longer than twenty minutes (except morning walks).
  14. Hannah will generally keep Kate informed of her plans and allow Kate to track her location.
  15. Hannah will responsible for interacting with delivery people and answering the door unless said otherwise.
  16. Bedtime leashing protocols are as follows: if Kate is present, Hannah will ask her permission to remove the leash. If Kate is asleep or out of the house, Hannah may remove the leash if needed, and will re-leash herself upon returning if she does. Leashing or unleashing by Kate will be done in Leashing Position. Hannah will ensure Kate has leashed her before she falls asleep at night or will leash herself if Kate is unavailable. Hannah will sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Without Vanilla Company Protocols

When in Kate’s presence and not standing, Hannah will assume her General Kneeling Position next to Kate.  She will ask Kate’s permission before changing position on the floor.  She will not sit on the furniture or ask Kate’s permission to, unless directed by Kate.  She will wait behind her chair in her Waiting Position before meals.

When entering Kate’s office, Hannah will wait quietly near the entrance until she is acknowledged. If Kate cannot see her from where she is, she may move into the room as needed and wait. If Hannah enters a space Kate is in and does not make eye contact, it will be assumed that she is passing through, retrieving an object, etc., and will not be counted as “in Kate’s presence” (and thus not requiring verbal exchange before leaving.)

Before leaving Kate’s presence, Hannah will ask if there’s anything else she can do to be of service. If yes, she will do so first. When there is nothing else, she will ask for permission to leave. If granted, she will curtsy before she leaves.

Hannah will respond to orders with, “Yes, Mistress” and permission or favor grants or denials (including re-statements) with, “Thank you, Mistress,” unless it would be disruptive to the conversation.  Response will be based on intention, not phrasing.  She will address Kate as Mistress whenever clearly appropriate.

Hannah will ask Kate’s permission before making a phone or video call when Kate is present (and will notify her when no longer on the call).  If she receives a call, she may answer, and will notify Kate as soon as possible.


Slave positions include:

  • General Kneeling Position: kneeling on the floor where directed, knees apart, big toes crossed in back (right over left), hands folded at small of back (right over left, right thumb over left thumb), back straight.
  • Leashing Position: kneeling on the floor at foot of bed, knees apart, big toes crossed in back (right over left), leash across both palms, hands resting on thighs, hair/head out of the way, collar o-ring in front, back straight.
  • Corner Position: standing facing wall, legs together, arms boxed behind back, nose touching wall, back straight, silent and still unless prompted.
  • Inspection Position: nude, standing in front of Kate, legs spread, hands boxed behind back, head/eyes straight, back straight.
  • Waiting Position: standing where directed, legs together, hands folded at small of back, right over left, right thumb over left thumb, back straight, head/eyes down.
  • Presenting Object Position: “General Kneeling Position”, but with object across both palms, hands resting on thighs, head/eyes down.


For Hannah’s daily uniform, she will wear her assigned black and red plaid top, black knee socks, black leggings, black bra, black underwear, collar, and wedding ring (left ring finger or pinned to her leggings). She will keep her pager clipped to her leggings (she may also keep her phone there if desired; headphones are generally permitted). Shoes, if worn, will be the assigned black boots. She may choose her own jackets and bags. Masks and gloves are permitted as needed. Hannah will sleep naked, except for her collar/leash and wedding ring.

Her clothes should generally look neat, clean, in good repair, and fit well.  She will bathe regularly and shave any body hair each time she showers, keep her bangs at a reasonable length, and keep her nails short.  Kate will inspect Hannah’s job of shaving immediately after each time she showers, in Inspection Position. Her hair will be left down.

Hannah may add, remove, or change out uniform clothing items without prior permission if it is necessary to maintain a vanilla facade.  She will notify Kate of it as soon as reasonable. Any other visible changes must be approved.

Daily Inspections

Brunch Inspection

Kate will ensure the following things are true, each day just prior to brunch.

  1. The bed is made.
  2. The bedroom is tidy.
  3. Hannah is in waiting position at the dining room table; brunch is served properly.
  4. The coffee machine is prepared to make a fresh pot of coffee.
  5. Morning tasks are done.

Evening Inspection

Kate will ensure the following things are true when Hannah is leashed to the bed.

  1. The kitchen table is clear.
  2. There are no dirty dishes in the kitchen, livingroom or diningroom.
  3. The coffee machine is prepared to make a fresh pot of coffee.
  4. Kate’s clothes are laid out for the morning.
  5. Evening tasks are done.


Hannah is subject to being punished by Kate. When Kate decides that Hannah should be punished she will use the following method to do so.

  1. Hannah will be instructed to fetch the discipline wand and go to the bedroom.
  2. Hannah will wait in the Presenting Object position, naked, and presenting the discipline wand until directed otherwise.
  3. Before spanking, Kate will prompt Hannah for why she is being punished.
  4. Kate will spank Hannah with the discipline wand.
  5. Hannah will be sent to the corner for some amount of time after her spanking.
  6. Kate will release Hannah from corner time at the conclusion of her punishment.

Facing Issues

Both agree to raise issues verbally for small issues, and in writing for more involved issues.  The written report will include what happened to trigger the report, how it made the person feel, why they felt that way, what can be done to make it better right now, and what needs to be true for this to not happen again.  The issue will be raised as soon as possible within reason.

Light Slave Duty

Light Slave Duty is the term used to describe a period of time when Hannah will have reduced duties. Hannah may request light slave duty, or request to be off of light slave duty. Kate will decide when light slave duty is in effect and communicate this to Hannah.

While in effect, the following changes are observed:

  1. Daily Inspections shall be skipped with no punishment.
  2. Service & Routine tasks may be skipped with no punishment.
  3. Schedule items may be skipped.


The dynamic follows a total irrevocable consent model of M/s, and Hannah will not invoke safewords, limits, relationship termination, or any other form of refusal.  This contract is a tool to communicate the current understandings and cannot be “enforced” from Hannah’s side.  Kate may verbally make exceptions to, add, remove, or change its contents, and will endeavor to maintain the overall integrity of the agreement as a matter of honor rather than due to enforceability.  If Kate chooses to dissolve the dynamic, she agrees to do so in a reasonable manner after due communication, and be open to ongoing discussion on further agreements. 


This document will be considered published when it has been printed out and signed by Kate and Hannah. At that time it is considered in effect and remains so until and unless replaced.

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