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On 24/7

On 24/7 #2

Anticipatory Service

Control/Service-Oriented and Anticipatory/Reactive Service

Invisible Anticipatory Service, Setting Your Own Recurring Tasks, and Some Advice

Learning in Anticipatory Service, and Some Advice


“But You Could Walk Out Right Now”: What Really Keeps People in Relationships

Decision Making and Internal Enslavement: A Metaphor

No Safewords, No Limits: An Elaboration

Sadism vs. CNC

Shaming of “Unethical” Dynamics Within the Community

What Makes Irrevocable Consent Okay?

Why I Chose Irrevocable Consent as a Label, What It Means to Me, and Why I Write About It

Day in the Slave Life

Anecdote Collection

First Thing in the Morning

Last Thing at Night

My General Daily Schedule

Lifestyle Masochism

Example: Asking to Masturbate

Example: Pressure Pointed

Example: Stay Still

Example: The Rice

Example: Top Three for the Week

Example: Your Presence Is Requested

What I Talk About When I Talk About Masochism

When You Start Acting Abused


A Weekend Vow of Silence

“But How Do You Just Hang Out?”: High Protocol in 24/7 Dynamics

“But Isn’t It Automatic?” (Learning in High Protocol)

High Protocol: The More Natural-Seeming the Dance, the More Thought-Out the Choreography

Honorifics: A Fascination

My Typical Day, Told in Slave Positions

Noticing the Fork: How the Little Protocols Add Up

On Asking Permission vs. Being Offered It

On Refining Protocols

Protocols in a New Place

The Benefits of Silence

The Slave Bell (Our Pager System)

Uniforms and Challenges, the Literal and a Metaphor

What Protocol Really Says

What Protocol Really Says, Again

Why I Sleep on the Floor


Balancing Control and Decision-Making as a Service

Choosing Service

Creating a Butler’s Book

Digital Productivity

I Don’t Think of Self Care as Service

My Style of Entertaining, and Where I Got It From

On Service Settings and Headspace

Selecting Service Tasks in a World of Automation and Outsourcing

Service Is an Ephemeral Art

Some Services S-Types Might Offer

Service Skills


Cooking (Recipes)

Flower Arranging

Giving a Pedicure

Giving a Manicure

Hosting at Home

Making Tea

Making the Bed

Napkin Folding

Setting the Table


Using Homemade/Natural Cleaners


As the Collar Tightens

Being a Slave Isn’t Easy

How Slavery Limits Me, and Why It’s Worth It

I’ve Always Been Like This

Letting Your M-Type Have It All

M/s vs. D/s

My Collar: Physical Considerations

My Top Three S-Type Archetypes in Vanilla Words

On Maintenance Discipline

Our Contract

Potato Peeling and Sonnets: Is It More Submissive to Love a Task, or to Dislike It but Do It?

Recommended Resources

Service Slave Tendency Identification with Limited Kink Experience

The Stoic Slave

Time, Nature, and Submission

Why I Live M/s

Tales From the Butler Academy

I’m a Slave; Why Am I Going to Butler School?

Is Butler School Right for You?

Tales From the Butler Academy: Etiquette Drills and Compassion

Tales From the Butler Academy: Modules 0-9

Tales From the Butler Academy: The “Butler’s” Relationship With Their “Employer”