On 24/7

On 24/7 #2


No Safewords, No Limits: An Elaboration

Shaming of “Unethical” Dynamics Within the Community

Why I Chose Irrevocable Consent as a Label, What It Means to Me, and Why I Write About It


“But How Do You Just Hang Out?”: High Protocol in 24/7 Dynamics

Higher Protocol Levels: The More Natural-Seeming the Dance, the More Thought-Out the Choreography

Honorifics: A Fascination

My Typical Day, Told in Slave Positions

Noticing the Fork: How the Little Protocols Add Up

On Asking Permission vs. Being Offered It

On Choosing S-Type Uniforms

On Refining Protocols

Protocols in a New Place

Uniforms and Challenges, the Literal and a Metaphor

What Protocol Really Says

What Protocol Really Says, Again


Balancing Control and Decision-Making as a Service

Invisible Anticipatory Service, Setting Your Own Recurring Tasks, and Some Advice

Learning in Anticipatory Service, and Some Advice

My Style of Entertaining, and Where I Got It From

On Service Settings and Headspace

Service Is an Ephemeral Art

Some Services S-Types Can Offer

Service Skills

Creating a Butler’s Book

Digital Productivity

Event Debriefs

Hosting at Home

Making the Bed

Setting the Table


I’ve Always Been Like This

Letting Your M-Type Have It All

Lifestyle Masochism: What I Talk About When I Talk About Masochism

My Collar: Physical Considerations

On Potato Peeling and Shakespearean Sonnets (Or, “Is It More Submissive to Enjoy Everything You’re Ordered to Do, or to Dislike Those Tasks but Do Them Anyway?”)

Recommended Resources

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Why I Live M/s


Control/Service-Oriented and Anticipatory/Reactive Service

M/s vs. D/s

On the Linguistics of Being a Kinky Author, Regardless of What You’re Writing

Sadism vs. CNC

The Benefits of Silence