On 24/7

On 24/7 (Part 2)


No Safewords, No Limits: An Elaboration

Shaming of “Unethical” Dynamics Within the Community


Evaluating, Discussing, and Planning for Your Social Needs

The Contract Post

Day in the Slave Life

Day in the Slave Life #1

Day in the Slave Life #2

Day in the Slave Life #3

Day in the Slave Life #4


Higher Protocol Levels: The More Natural-Seeming the Dance, the More Thought-Out the Choreography

Honorifics: A Fascination


Adventures in Becoming a Cooking Slave

Learning in Anticipatory Service, and Some Advice

List: Some Services S-Types Can Offer

My Style of Entertaining, And Where I Got It From

Run It Like a Business: Organization in Slavery and the Love of the Process

Service Skills

Service Skill: Creating a Service Reference Book

Service Skill: Hosting at Home

Service Skill: Making the Bed

Service Skill: Setting the Table


Being Submissive Is Not Bad

Digital Productivity (As a Slave)

Internal Enslavement: A Realization

Letting Your M-Type Have It All

My Collar: Physical Considerations

On Choosing S-Type Uniforms

On Finding Time for Yourself as a Slave

Service Slave Tendency Identification with Limited Kink Experience

Why I Live M/s


Control/Service-Oriented and Anticipatory/Reactive Service

M/s vs. D/s

Sadism vs. CNC