Service Skill: Making the Bed

General Notes:

Bed linens and such that are properly sized, fit the color scheme, and are in good condition go a long way. 

Remember to change/wash the linens regularly (once a week is a popular guideline); watch the care instructions.  

Having at least two sets of bed linens can save some headaches.

Don’t forget appropriately keeping the bed frame and whatnot neat too.  This might mean dusting, or handling upholstery, or something else.

Remember mattress care—rotating once a quarter, flipping twice a year if possible, cleaning it, etc.

Set the tasks mentioned on a repeating schedule.

Maybe try a light linen spray in the morning or at turndown—but remember to check on allergies and sensitivities first.

I don’t mention certain extra pieces below—but if you have a bed skirt, mattress pad, etc., factor them in appropriately.

Make sure the piece you’re handling is facing the way it’s supposed to, both in vertical/horizontal orientation and where the patterned side is; a patterned flat sheet, for instance, needs to be put on the bed face down to have the pattern facing up when folded back. Note that the side of the flat sheet with the wider hem should be towards the head of the bed.

Customize it!  Make sure you adhere to your partner’s preferences.


If the mattress has shifted at all, for those tossers and turners, make sure it’s lined up/back where it’s supposed to be.

Fitted sheet: evenly place on the mattress; smooth out.

Flat sheet: make hospital corners. Remember to have pattern side facing down, and widest hem at top of bed.

There are many great resources on how to make hospital corners online.  A quick Google search should get you to guides for a variety of learning types if you haven’t done it before.

Main blanket: evenly lay on top; create hospital corners if desired/possible; smooth out.

Fold down the flat sheet and the blanket so the fold lays not quite below where the pillows will be.  Neatly tuck the hem of the flat sheet under the hem of the comforter, or simply smooth out.  (This is really a preference point.)

Place any extra blankets, whether another layer altogether, or folded across the foot of the bed, or what have you.

Put pillowcases on pillows if need be (tuck excess pillowcase fabric, if any, under the pillow—check if they have a preferred side for this to be on); fluff; arrange pillows practically and attractively; try slightly propped up on the headboard.

Handle any other pieces needed.  

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