Service Skill: Bootblacking

Unlace boots. (Clean laces if desired; dust by running through hands.)

Clean boots with leather soap of choice and slightly damp cloth if needed (don’t use too much soap/make sure it all gets wiped off). 

Make any needed repairs (clipping loose threads, etc.) 

Apply leather conditioner. 

Apply layers of polish (check the color match) as needed. 

Buff with horsehair brush.

Dampen cloth slightly and use to apply thin layer of polish in circles.  With a slightly damp cotton ball, apply circular shine.  Repeat as needed. 

Use Q-tip to clean in eyelets if needed.

Relace boots in the same pattern as before (or the one that’s desired now—learn a few common patterns).

Dryer sheets placed in shoes when not in use can keep them smelling fresh.

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