Service Skill: Giving a Pedicure

  • Create a soothing environment.  Offer a basic selection of drinks, snacks, and/or entertainment.
  • Place towel on floor, then foot bath (check sizing) with hot water (as hot as comfortable) and desired additions. Essential oils of choice and bubbles make a traditional luxurious touch.  For serious dead skin removal, try a large splash each of vinegar and mouthwash, though beware this might stain skin and the bath. 
  • Remove old polish if needed.  
  • Soak feet for fifteen to twenty minutes. 
  • Remove dead skin from bottom of feet.  Foot file and then pumice stone works best.  You can also remove hairs if desired with method of choice.
  • Use a cuticle pusher to push back cuticles, removing loose dead skin around the nail. If there’s a lot, you might want to use a cuticle trimmer.
  • Trim, file, and buff nails. Gently clean under nails with the cuticle pusher. 
  • Dry, then moisturize and massage feet. Apply cuticle oil to cuticles and nails; massage in. A gentle pull on toes and circular motions around the ball of the foot tend to be popular.  
  • Apply a clear base coat, two coats of desired color, and a clear top coat.  Toe separators work well here, during and for drying. Let coats dry completely before the next one; keep them thin and even. Keep common polish colors on hand.

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