Service Skill: Turndown


Turn off bright/unnecessary lights, turn on bedside lamp (on dim if possible), turn on nightlights. Close or open any desired windows; close all window coverings. 

Tidy up the bedroom. 

Spritz a calming scent (check for sensitivities). See to any air quality needs, like filling humidifiers or adjusting the thermostat. 

Turn on quiet, calming music, or the TV/device of choice to preferred channel/show/etc. on low. Put the remote, if there is one, in a handy location. Or, make it quiet. 

Lay out desired nighttime activity (book, other quiet occupations).

Set the alarm for the morning and plug in devices, if desired. 

Put out bedtime drink and snack of choice, and any needed medication. Make sure the same is ready for the morning. 

Refresh desired bath amenities if needed/if there might be bedtime bathing. Offer assistance. 

Lay out clothes for tomorrow, and nightwear for that night, or help them change, if desired. Place the floor mat if there is one. 

The Bed Itself

Assuming the bed was made properly that morning… (See “Service Skill: Making the Bed”.)

Remove any unnecessary/decorative pieces/covers, etc. 

Place any desired pieces that get added at bedtime (extra pillows, blankets, comfort objects). 

Turn down the bed. For one person, turn one corner down to form a right triangle. For two, turn down both corners. Alternatively, turn down the whole bedspread halfway. (You can also only turn down the top layers to the bottom half, turning down the flat sheet in corner style.) 

Fluff pillows. 

Turndown Card 

Neatly hand write and leave the turndown card on the nightstand/in an obvious place. Don’t forget the date.

Standard additions include menu for the next day, weather forecast, and other needed reminders.  

You can also add quotes, love notes, and more. 

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