Day in the Slave Life: My General Daily Schedule

8:10 AM

Probably rolling over already, staring up at the outrigger on the bed or the ceiling; shut the alarm before or when it goes off. Up and at ‘em!  Well, up and into proper Unleashing Position. Detangle self from blanket on the floor and hit the leash/unleash request button on the pager transmitter while I get in position.  Mistress comes in and unclips the leash from my collar. 

She unleashes me and bids me good morning, giving me permission to speak. I ask permission to go to the bathroom (in the proper format), and she grants it.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

She leaves, and I get up to do that, put on my daily uniform (having slept nude), and wash up, take meds, etc.

Then I go for a one mile meditative walk around the block (notifying her I’m leaving the house before I go, and taking my phone with me for her to track).

When I get back, I see to morning service tasks.  Open the right blinds, turn on the right lights, open a set of windows if it’s nice. Do a quick tidy of the house, setting everything back in its place. Make the bed (remember the hospital corners), add a linen spray (and in my office, and on the couches), and fold up my blanket. Prepare another pot of coffee to be turned on later. Check on the plants’ and the cats’ needs.

9:20 AM

Make brunch. On the table, set properly, at 9:30. Hit the downstairs pager transmitter button for mealtimes and get into Waiting Position behind my assigned chair.  Mistress comes downstairs and, since she likes me at the table at meals but I can’t sit on the furniture around her without permission, or even ask, she checks my position for things like finger placement (hands clasped behind back, right over left, right thumb over left thumb), says, “You may sit.” We have brunch and talk, and after, I clean up immediately. If I’m making a slow cooking dinner entree, I start it, and usually do a few other chores.

10:29 AM

Morning inspection in one minute. I get into position in the bedroom—standing, legs apart, hands clasped behind my head. Mistress checks over my morning service tasks, and me, and my uniform, the position, my timeliness, everything, and—usually—lets me know I did well. I rub in sunscreen for her, and the morning is done.


See to any tasks scheduled on a weekly or less frequent basis.

Weekly tasks look like this:

Sunday: Double check on restocking items throughout household, go grocery shopping.

Monday: 4 PM sex, take a shower (I frequently group those together), clean cat box (I usually do this with morning chores.)

Tuesday: Deeper cleaning in the kitchen (I usually group this with brunch cleanup); at 4 PM, give Mistress a pedicure.

Wednesday: Clean cat box, deeper cleaning in bathrooms, we play ping pong (this happens after dinner).

Thursday: I take out all of the trash, put the trash bins down to the curb (usually as part of morning chores), and do extra laundry. 4PM sex, take a shower.

Friday: Maintenance discipline (after brunch, grouped with morning inspection), bring trash bins up from curb, do weekly review, clean cat box.

Saturday: My mom comes over for dinner. Floor cleaning/dusting/surface cleaning/furniture cleaning.

There are also monthly, quarterly tasks, so on, and little things that come up.

Calendar events might include hosting for Las Vegas TNG or teaching for SlaveClass (and there are tasks related to this as well).

Probably writing otherwise. Might do butler school coursework.

Basically, free time, maybe errands or company if permitted, probably grab lunch or a snack at some point. 

4:45 PM

Somewhere as early as 4:45 and as late as 5:45 (if finishing off something slow cooking), cook dinner.  There might have been afternoon baking for it, too.  

Dinner on the table at 6, table set properly, hit the transmitter button, get into Waiting Position in place. Same deal as brunch. She checks the position and grants me permission to sit. We eat and talk a bunch; I clean up, make sure there’s coffee prepped for morning, and shut down the downstairs when I’m done/when I go upstairs for the night.

9:35 PM 

Shut down/turn down the upstairs. Turn down the bed, set out the nightly turndown card. Fill the humidifier. Unfold my blanket on the floor. Undress.

Evening inspection at 9:45.

I stand in position in the bedroom, Mistress checks over my evening service tasks, and me, the position, my timeliness, all of it again, and, usually, lets me know I did well.

Then, I get her lotion for the night and rub it in for her. After that, I get into Leashing Position and get leashed for the night.

We probably talk or cuddle. She’ll leave or get into bed; I make sure to message my mom goodnight. 

I set my alarms, write my slave journal entry, charge my electronics, take my meds, and shut my laptop.

Then, time for sleep.

4 thoughts on “Day in the Slave Life: My General Daily Schedule”

  1. I love the calm routine you describe. I have previously had the pleasure of being served in a similar way, and there was something almost meditative about it at its best. It’s good to hear!


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