Day in the Slave Life: My General Daily Schedule

7:20 AM

Probably rolling over already, staring up at the outrigger on the bed or the ceiling; shut the alarm before or when it goes off. Up and at ‘em!  Well, up and into proper Unleashing Position, assuming Mistress is awake.  (Unleash self and up and at ‘em if she isn’t.) Detangle self from blanket on the floor and hit the leash/unleash request button on the pager transmitter while I get in position.  Mistress comes in and unclips the leash from my matching rope collar. 

(She made both.  The collar was made around my neck; there is no clasp, and it has to be destroyed to be removed. The handle of the leash is attached via carabiner to a turnbuckle on the underside of the bed, which I seem to manage to slip slightly under and bang limbs on a lot when I roll over.  There’s a shackle attached to one side of the headboard for special nights I’m allowed to sleep in the bed.) 

With me unleashed and bid good morning, she leaves, and I get up to put on my daily uniform (having slept nude), and wash up, and by 7:45 go for a one mile walk around the block (notifying her I’m leaving the house, naturally). 

By 8 AM, back from my walk, I settle in to write or see to a few other tasks for about an hour.

9 AM

See to morning service tasks.  Open the right blinds, turn on the right lights, open a set of windows if it’s nice (not 110*F). Do a quick tidy of the house, setting everything back in its place.  Make the bed (remember the hospital corners), add a linen spray (and in my office, and on the couches), and fold up my blanket. Lay out a set of Mistress’ clothes and pajamas. (She wears the same thing every day, too). Prepare another pot of coffee to be turned on later. 

9:20 AM

Make brunch. We both have pretty much the same thing every day—bagel for her, toast for me. On the table, set properly, at 9:30. Hit the downstairs pager transmitter button for mealtimes and get into Waiting Position behind my assigned chair.  Mistress comes downstairs and, since she likes me at the table at meals but I can’t sit on the furniture around her without permission, or even ask, she checks my position for things like finger placement (hands clasped behind back, right over left, right thumb over left thumb), says, “You may sit.” We have brunch and talk, and after, I clean up immediately, to check the kitchen is clean or being cleaned box on her brunch time inspection of morning tasks. If I’m making a slow cooking dinner entree, I start it. She lets me know the results of the brunch time inspection.  


See to any other daily service or general tasks, or the ones as needed on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual schedule. Clean, do laundry, do household maintenance tasks, see to the cats and plants, so on. 

Might be teaching a SlaveClass webinar or doing related tasks, working on butler school coursework, writing or related tasks (I try to post twenty-five thousand words across my projects per month), doing miscellaneous Las Vegas TNG admin, or handling property management/tenants. 

Basically, free time, maybe errands or company if permitted, probably grab lunch or a snack at some point. 

If we hang out, it usually looks like this:

I wait quietly in the doorway of her office for permission to enter/speak. I assume my General Kneeling Position next to her and we talk.  If we talk long enough, I ask for permission to stretch/break position. Titles required at times (responses to most orders, permissions), but mostly just talking.  When I want to leave, I ask if there’s anything else I can do (to be of service); if so, do it, if not, then I ask permission to leave, and, assuming it’s a yes, curtsy and exit. 


On Wednesdays, we play ping pong at 3 PM. Game on! 

On Fridays, I give her a pedicure at 10:30 AM and after, maybe shortly before noon, we do our weekly maintenance discipline session. I take the discipline wand—a short, thick cane like implement that lives on the mantel (always in sight)—to the bedroom, strip, kneel in Presenting Object Position with it, and wait. She comes in.  I get a spanking with the discipline wand.  At the beginning and end, I count the same amount of strokes with it, the amount chosen per week, usually six or ten, arbitrarily. 

On Saturday at noon, we have Meta Saturday, a check in on the last week and planning for the next. I bring her my daily journal with a report of upcoming appointments, writing I did, regular self reviews, so on. 

4:45 PM

Somewhere as early as 4:45 and as late as 5:45 (if finishing off something slow cooking), 5:10 to 5:25 on average, cook dinner.  There might have been afternoon baking for it, too.  

Dinner on the table at 6, table set properly, hit the transmitter button, get into Waiting Position in place.  Same deal as brunch.  She checks the position and grants me permission to sit.  We eat and talk a bunch; I clean up.


On Sundays, we have date night after dinner.

Saturdays, we usually have company for dinner/evening who have standing invitations. 

Twice a month, I host the Las Vegas TNG munch during about this time slot.  

I might be teaching a class.

Usually a time for sex or play, too, or permission to masturbate. Maybe take a shower, also with permission. (Shave as required, and, after, present myself in Inspection Position.) 

Generally, same options as daytime.   

9 PM 

Prepare another pot of coffee to be turned on in the morning. Lock up, shut lights, close blinds and any windows. Turn down the bed.  Unfold my blanket on the floor. Plan tomorrow, set alarms, plug in my electronics. Write my daily slave journal entry. Take meds. Undress. 

9:30 PM 

Bedtime.  Be ready to be leashed, at least, and all tasks should be ready for the final evening inspection. At some point, hit the transmitter button and get into Leashing Position. Get leashed to bed; offer her lotion and rub it in if she wants it. Probably talk or cuddle. She’ll leave or get into bed; I make sure to message my mom goodnight.  Then, time for sleep.

4 thoughts on “Day in the Slave Life: My General Daily Schedule”

  1. I love the calm routine you describe. I have previously had the pleasure of being served in a similar way, and there was something almost meditative about it at its best. It’s good to hear!


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